Designed for Performance, Built to Last

The Bosch range of 36V, 18V and 12V Max cordless tools are engineered for trade pros, combining efficient, long-lasting power with proven reliability. And Bosch continually provides industry-leading innovation – such as KickBack Control for reducing the hazard of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions; the BC3680 36V and BC1880 18V Fast Chargers to recharge batteries faster, getting you back to work; and the 2-in-1 Socket-Ready impact driver for the most efficient tool to drive various fasteners.

Pros Get Paid When They're Working

Batteries create heat while discharging current, and heat kills batteries. We developed our batteries with this truth in mind. The heat conductive ribbing present on CoolPack batterIes increases surface area to dissipate heat faster - helping them, and our crews, to last longer and get more done.

Mitigate Injury Risk

Bosch has developed KickBack Control, a technology that reduces the hazard of sudden tool reactions in binding conditions.

We are Never Satisfied with the Status Quo

Our Socket-Ready impact driver incorporates a 1/4 hex receiver into a 1/2 in square interface so it can accept accessories without an adapter. This Bosch innovation means our crews are never left idle searching or shopping for another tool or adapter.