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Colt Palm Router Reviewed


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Wood Router: About that Comfort

The reviewer at the About website's woodworking area , Chris Baylor, said that the Colt was "one of the most comfortable palm routers we've ever used." He was impressed by the complete kit.

"This palm router didn't disappoint; I had an absolute ball working with this router. The motor, while small at 1.0 HP & 5.7 amps, more than held its own for the basic routing tasks I put it through. The height adjustments, whether major or minor (using the Microfine Depth Adjustment) were accurate and the depth scales (in both Standard and Metric increments) printed right on the unit were a nice touch.

"Upon opening the case of the Bosch Colt PR20EVSNK Variable Speed Palm Router Kit, we were a bit overwhelmed by the choices of attachments included with the router. After a closer inspection, we couldn't quit thinking of uses for all of the attachments on a number of different woodworking projects."

The Colt wood router is a great and handy power tool for custom carpentry, trimming laminate flooring or deck planks, mortising hinges, dovetailing and more. And with Bosch's "Constant Response" circuitry, you always have a stable speed so you can always keep control of the router for clean, burn-free cuts. Click here to learn more on this palm router and other Bosch routers.


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Wood Router: Colt Palm Router Reviews

Wood router tools provide power and maximum control. That is especially true for palm routers, a class of woodworking tools that many may know as laminate trimmers . The Bosch PR20EVSPK Colt™ 1.0 HP Palm Router is a router tool that is a variable speed model, and the kit includes a plunge base to make it a handy and extremely versatile tool. It can handle many routing tasks just this side of a router table.

That is the conclusion that Wood Crafter Tool Talk arrived at after taking a close look at the Colt™.

"The professional on the job site will appreciate the range that this little router can handle on the job site from kitchen remodeling to building custom staircases. Even precise pattern making is an easy task for this compact wood trim palm router from Bosch.

"Professional carpenter or kitchen remodeler will find that the Bosch Colt Palm wood router can handle a wide range of tasks. This router trims laminate for kitchen counter tops, edges wood projects, makes dadoes and decorative edges for wood cabinets.

"If you are looking for a palm router that has all the bells and whistles, then this little hand router is the one for you as it’s hard to beat."


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Wood Router a "Workhorse"

At Pro Tool Reviews , woodworking expert Ernie Conover called the Colt palm router a "workhorse" that can handle plenty of tasks that make woodworkers' lives easier:

"In all of my use tests, the Colt’s brush-type universal motor had plenty of power—more than enough for ¼” shank bits of 1-5/16” maximum diameter for which it is designed. It’s this robust power that makes the Colt a workhorse in a host of everyday woodworking applications.

"Woodworkers have long liked flush trim routers for all kinds of free hand routing. Bosch’s main design concept for the Colt was to build a flush trim router with 1 hp. They call it a palm router to distinguish it from its low powered progenitors. I really appreciated the ergonomic rubber grip on the motor and the 10’ long neoprene sheaved SJ-type power cord on this double insulated tool."

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