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Laser Measure vs Tape Measure

Laser Measure Vs Tape Measure

Laser Tape Measure Units Are Replacing the Old Tape Measure

Laser tape measure is a term used by those who are used to occasionally digging out their old tape measure to find the length and width of a shelf. But for many who measure every day and value accuracy and simplicity, laser measures have become the de facto way to make all their measurements. And with the price and simplicity of laser measures becoming more competitive to the old "analog" measuring tape, many who need precise measurements are turning every day to such tools as line lasers. Remodelers, carpenters, painters and patio builders use these tools for quick, accurate measurements, eliminating guesswork.

Bosch has recently introduced the GLM 15, the most affordable, easiest to use laser measure in its class. With just one touch of a button, the unit turns on and goes right into to measuring. For appraisers or house stagers, this is perfect for walk-off measurements that they frequently perform. To record the measurement, the user simply clicks the button again. Done? Press and hold the button to turn the unit off.

 Laser Tape Measure Housing is a Square Deal

Laser Tape Measure Housing is a Square Deal

Why so square, daddy-o? Well, because the Bosch GLM 15 flat and with a square design, it enables the user to put the line laser on virtually any flat surface and measure accurately. It can measure in any direction. The square back makes it easy to mark precise distances. And those lasers are pretty straight … just exactly how straight are those measuring tapes? With pocket-sized precision, GLM 15 can go where measuring tape can’t. Bending tape to get into corners, or asking for a second set of hands to hold the tape in place is no longer necessary.

How does it work? This page explains how laser measurers get the precision, and this page offers a quick primer on the tool in context of its larger category.

This Bosch GLM 15 is also compact by design. Built for easy portability, this laser tape measure fits comfortably in the hand and effortlessly into the pocket. The Bosch GLM 15 laser measure provides the greater accuracy of laser measurement, especially over longer distances, as opposed to traditional manual systems like a tape measure. The laser measure is accurate to within 1/8" and measures to 50 feet. It makes this measuring tool more accurate, easier and faster than a tape measure.

 Laser Tape Measure vs. Full-Featured Laser Measurers

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Laser Tape Measure vs. Full-Featured Laser Measurers

For those who need more functionality in their laser measurers, Bosch offers a complete line of laser measures that can calculate are and volume for you, indirect length, multi-surface area, and more. So put that old tape measure back in the drawer until it's time to see how tall the kids are. Though, in truth, the Bosch GLM 15 will do a more accurate job of that, as well. Learn more about the complete range of Bosch laser measures.

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