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Circular Saws Torque Durability

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Circular Saws: The Worm Drive Turns

Circular saws that have worm drive gearing are popular choices in the West and the Midwest, according to Fine Homebuilder magazine . In the East, sidewinders are the circ saws of choice. With the different gear configurations come different strengths (and weaknesses), so many professionals including carpenters pack one or several of each kind of circular saw, to use for different applications.

A sidewinder is basically a direct-drive circular saw with the motor in line with the gearing, so the blade spins faster and the saw is more compact. The blade on a sidewinder is usually on the right (the Bosch CS5 is a sidewinder designed specifically to have the blade on the left). Sidewinders bring higher rpm but lower torque than worm drive construction saws.

Worm drive saws have the motor at the rear of the power tool, with gears oriented at 45° angles. The blade speed is slower but the torque is improved. A heavier and longer saw, a wormdrive model will usually have the blade on the left side.

Worm Drive Circular Saws Torque Durability


Circular Saws and Worm Drives: Advantages

Left-side blade placement provides clear line of sight for right-handed cuts, and a rigid motor housing eliminates blade wobble for accurate cuts every time. And independent testing proves that the worm drive-gear design lasts four times longer than any conventional design. Longer lasting, great sightlines for many users, more torque, accuracy and power – these are top advantages of the worm-drive power saw. The main drawback is the weight issue. What can be done about that?


Worm Drive Circular Saws, Lighter Is Better

Recently, Bosch introduced the CSW41 worm drive saw that reduced the weight but kept the torque, coming in at only 13.2 pounds. This is thanks to its lightweight magnesium construction – which helps to provide all the benefits of worm drives but gives the user comfort during long-lasting jobs. In addition, the magnesium construction helps to effectively dissipate heat, which provides longer tool life.


Circular Saws Reviewer Critiques the Bosch CSW41

Jonathon Gaige of Pro Tool Reviews took a close look at the Bosch CSW41 7-14" Worm Drive Construction Saw, and he liked what he saw. He wrote:

"I would definitely recommend the CSW41 Bosch worm drive saw, especially to the Bosch enthusiasts out there or to anyone trying to lighten the load, whether for the sake of their arms or for doing a remote job by boat or plane. A couple of pounds off a circular saw may mean being able to bring along another tool."

For more information on the Bosch CSW41 or any of Bosch's circular saws (including sidewinders), be sure to visit the circular saw page at Bosch.

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