L-RACK-S Individual L-RACK Shelf

Individual L-RACK Shelf

Product Description


The L-RACK-S component attaches to any L-BOXX or any other L-RACK-S. This allows you to add storage instantly to any size L-BOXX (1,1A, 2, 3, 3D, or 4). Combine multiple L-RACK-S shelves to create an organization structure to fit your needs. The L-RACK-S utilizes the same Single-Click stacking technology as L-BOXX The Bosch L-RACK is a customizable expansion option for the Click & Go System. Users can now choose to add new L-RACK drawers, i-BOXX Trays and organizer sets to expand their very own customized storage, organization and transport solution. Add a few L-RACKs to an L-BOXX (1, 1A, 2, 3, 3D or 4) to build specific tool kits or stack them high or side-by-side to create a stationary storage system in your shop. The entire system uses the same Single-Click stacking technology, so you can keep organized and mobile.

L-RACK-S Individual L-RACK Shelf

Technical Data


Height 4.0"
Length 17.5"
Material High Density Plastic
Weight 2.4lb
Weight (lbs.) 2.4
Width 13.5"


  • Connect multiple L-RACK shelves to create a mobile organization structure to fit your needs
  • Add additional storage and organization to an L-BOXX
  • Click & Go Stacking - Easily lock tool cases together for easy transport and handling
  • Compatible with: i-BOXX53, i-BOXX53-12, i-BOXX72, i-BOXX72-10, L-BOXX-1, L-BOXX-2, L-BOXX-3, L-BOXX-4, L-BOXX-1A