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12 pc. High-Carbon Steel Plug Tap Set

The Bosch Plug Tap Set features taps that are ideal for cutting right-hand internal threads; they are the most widely used type of tap, with three to five threads chamfered for general-purpose applications. They are recommended when there is sufficient room on a blind hole and tapping to the bottom of a hole is not critical. Made from heat-treated carbon steel, they are rust- and tarnish-resistant tools that work equally well in plastic drilling applications. The rolled threads are more accurate and cleaner than machined threads. They are tooled to the most exacting specifications to ensure that bolts anchor securely. Laser-etched marking ensures size identification and won't wear off. They feature a precise flute design to ensure fast and easy chip clearance.

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Technical Data

Case Type Brute Tough™
Material High Carbon Steel
Number of Pieces 12.0
Order in Multiples of 1
Piece Count 12.0
Includes Plug Taps: (1) 6–32, (1) 8–32, (1) 10–24, (1) 10–32, (1) 12–24, (1) 1/4–20, (1) 1/4–28, (1) 5/16–18, (1) 3/8–16, (1) 7/16–14, (1) 1/2– 13, (1) 1/8–27


  • Plug taps – engineered for cutting right-hand internal threads
  • Heat-treated carbon steel – provides superior durability and speed
  • Rolled threads – deliver more accuracy and are cleaner than machined threads
  • Rust and tarnish resistant design – provides greater durability and accuracy
  • Laser-etched marking – ensures size identification and won't wear off
  • Precision machining – designed to ensure that bolts fit tightly and anchor securely
  • Precise flute design – for fast and easy chip clearance

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