GRL400H Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Product Description


Bosch GRL400H self-leveling rotary laser with laser receiver.


  • LR1 Laser Receiver and Bracket
  • (1) - Carrying Case
  • (2) - D Battery
GRL400H Self-Leveling Rotary Laser

Technical Data


Accuracy Up to ±3/32-in @ 100-ft
Battery Voltage 1.5
Laser Diode 635 nm Class 2
Leveling Type Self-Leveling, Up to 5°
Material Durable plastic with overmold in key impact areas
Mount Threading 5/8-11
Operating Temperature 14° F / -10° C ~1 22° F / 50° C
Range with Detector - Up to 1,300-ft.
Weight 3.9lb
Includes LR1 Laser Receiver and Bracket, (1) - Carrying Case, (2) - D Battery


  • Long working range of 1300 ft. with accuracy up to ±3/32" at 100 ft. — ideal for exterior applications
  • Robust design with glass-enclosed cage — for better protection and water/dust resistance (IP56)
  • Fast horizontal electronic self-leveling with disturbance monitor — ensures consistent leveling accuracy on the jobsite
  • Includes rotary laser receiver — aids in detection at greater distances
  • Two large, easy to grip carrying handles