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Positioning Device Kit

The Bosch LB10 Positioning Device Kit features the LB10 L-Bracket and the DK10 Ceiling Clip. The Bosch LB10 L-Bracket is designed with enhanced magnets, so that it provides maximum holding power. It features a microfine height-adjustment system on the DK10 for quick horizontal level adjustment, as well as the versatility to work with a variety of levels. The DK10 also allows the flexibility to mount the LB10 to any metal surface with its built in magnets, plus the ability to secure in drywall, with its slot for screws or nails. It also includes raceways for optional straps to mount to poles.

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  • (1) LB10 L-Bracket Positioning Device
  • (1) DK10 Ceiling Clip


  • Multimounting system – features strong magnets, a slot for screws or nails, and raceways for optional straps
  • Strong magnets – allows for quick positioning to metal surfaces
  • Microfine height-adjustment system – provides quick adjustment and secure locking of the working height
  • Clip attachment – offers quick setup in ceiling grid applications

Technical Data

Height Adjustment Range 2-1/2" (60 mm)
Material Plastic
Works With Combination/Point Alignment Lasers
GCL 2-160, GCL 25, GCL100-40G, GCL100-80C, GCL100-80CG, GPL 5, GPL 3, GPL 2, GPL100-30G, GPL100-50G
Line Lasers
GLL 30, GLL40-20G, GLL 55, GLL 100 G, GLL100-40G, GLL 3-50, GLL 2-20, GLL50-40G, GLL3-330CG, GLL3-330C, GLL3-300, GLL 150 ECK
Includes (1) LB10 L-Bracket Positioning Device, (1) DK10 Ceiling Clip
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