2605702022 Airsweep™ Vacuum Hose Adapter

Airsweep™ Vacuum Hose Adapter

Product Description


Bosch power tool attachments give you the power to create complete tool systems and enhance the versatility of the Bosch power tools you already own.

2605702022 Airsweep™ Vacuum Hose Adapter

Technical Data


Length 2.25"
Material Plastic
Used on Model No. 1594, 3365, 53518, 53514, 4412, 5412, PL1682, PL1632, PL2632, PLH181
Used on Part No. RA1170, RA1172, RA1172AT, RA1173, RA1173AT, RA1175, RA1176AT, RA1177AT, 2608190038 (see 1613AEVS), 2608190039 (see 1619EVS)
Weight 0.3lb


  • Connects 2-1/2 In. hoses to tools and attachment that have ports for 35 mm hoses
  • Made of sturdy plastic
  • Hose end fits over the nozzle of the receiving hose
  • Tool end fits over the dust port of the receiving tool or attachment