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45 pc. Driven Impact Screwdriving Custom Case Set

The Bosch Custom Case System is compatible with Driven Bits, delivering the best case for the best bits. The Bosch Driven range of screwdriving bits delivers 50X life over the Bosch standard bit. The Driven bit has a torsion design built to last, with a new tapered design that absorbs torque peaks to reduce stress at the bit’s tip. This allows it to handle a new generation of higher torque impact drivers. The tip on this bit is precision designed and CNC milled for a better-integrated fit. The bit features clear head-type markings (or laser markings) that are easy to read and won’t rub off with repeated use, as well as the distinctive Bosch silver sleeve. The bit tips provide a magnetized force to hold the screws on the bit.

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Technical Data

Application Screwdriving
Case Type Hard plastic
Description 45 pc. Driven Impact Screwdriving Custom Case Set
Pieces 45.0
Weight 1.47lb
Includes Insert Bits: (1) Phillips® #1, (9) Phillips® #2, (1) Phillips® #3, (1) Square #1, (2) Square #2, (1) Square #3, (1) Torx® #15, (3) Torx® #20, (4) Torx® #25, (1) Torx® #30, (1) Torx® #40, (1) Slotted 6-8, (1) Slotted 8-10; 2" Power Bits: (4) Phillips® #2, (2) Square #2, (1) Torx® 15, (3) Torx® #20, (3) Torx® #25, (1) Torx® #30; Nutsetters: (1) 1/4", (1) 5/16", (1) 3/8"; (1) Standard Bit Holder; (1) Storage Case


  • Driven design – provides 50X life over standard bits, with a torsion zone built to last, hardened surface and precision tip
  • Precision-milled bit tips – deliver a better fit and less cam-out
  • Torsion zone – built to last, with a new tapered design, it absorbs the torque peaks of impact drivers to avoid breakage
  • Heat-treated bit manufacturing – provides more durable bits
  • Impact-rated interface – made to fit 1/4 In. hex impact drivers
  • Laser-etched markings – lasts for the life of bit, and they’re easier to read
  • Magnetic tips – provide a magnetized force to hold the screws on the bit

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