DXSPLUS SDS-plus® Speed Clean™ Adapter

SDS-plus® Speed Clean™ Adapter

Product Description


The Bosch Speed Clean™ bit connected to vacuum system cuts hole-drilling process by 50% less versus the standard hand-cleaning method. A proprietary Bosch design allows dust and debris to be removed through the milled center of the bit. Dust reduction, which reduces friction on the bit, also increases drilling speed by 25 percent. A rubber adapter is provided with every Bosch Speed Clean™ bit. Bit life is comparable to Bulldog™ and SpeedX™ bits. System also reduces airbourne silica dust, a known contributor to respiratory illnesses.

DXSPLUS SDS-plus® Speed Clean™ Adapter

Technical Data


Description Rubber adapter connecting SDS-plus® Speed Clean™ dust extraction bits to standard 35mm diameter vacuum hose
Length 4.25"
Material Rubber
Overall Length 4.25
Quantity 1
Weight 0.125lb


  • Bit connects to vacuum system and connector is included
  • Material removed through center of bit
  • 2X life versus previous generation of Bosch bits
  • Speed Clean™ bits fit both SDS-plus® and SDS-max® hammers