FSNVEL Connecteur pour rail de guidage

Connecteur pour rail de guidage

Description du produit




  • (1) 14 In. Track Connector
  • (1) Small Screwdriver Hex Key
FSNVEL Connecteur pour rail de guidage

Données techniques


Compatibilité Rails
FSN800, FSN800-32, FSN1100, FSN1600, FSN1600-32, FSN2100
Guide à onglets à rail
Hauteur 0.11["]
Largeur 2.0["]
Matériau Steel
Poids 0.78lb
Comprend (1) 14 In. Track Connector, (1) Small Screwdriver Hex Key


  • Connector for straight track-saw system – designed as a sturdy piece for a track system with exacting tolerances to work with the Bosch track saw
  • Quick connection – tracks can be joined quickly and easily with the FSNVEL connector
  • Self-aligning design – made to ensure straight connection for precise work
  • Top-connection assembly – developed to install on the top of the track, precluding having to flip the track over, unlike some competitor tracks
  • Part of a light, convenient, portable system – easily transportable saw and track system provide an alternative to a table saw
  • Works with Bosch Track Saw with Plunge Action – provides fast, easy setup for one-step straight and clean finish cuts in wood and wood-based sheet goods such as laminated particle boards and plywood
  • Full range of optional track attachments – designed to deliver the best cutting experience