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How to Make the Most of Your Auger Bits

How to Make the Most of Your Auger Bits

Top 5 Applications for Auger Bits

  1. Electricians drilling holes between floors – the length and toughness of auger bits are perfect for this demanding application,
  2. Plumbers running piping between floors,
  3. Drilling deep holes through tough, treated lumber for large deck hardware
  4. Drilling holes for remodeling through old, slow-growth lumber and hidden nails,
  5. Timber framing/post & beam construction with deep, straight holes for pegging

What’s the Best Tool to Use for Auger Bits?

Low RPM (less than 600), high torque corded or cordless drill are the ideal tool. Bosch Daredevil auger bits will work with any drill brand, however, you can use a Bosch 18V High Torque Impact cordless drill for best results.

Auger Bit vs Spade Bit.

Auger bits are ideal for truly deep holes and spade bits are for more shallow hole applications. Auger bits do not flex and are very rigid. Auger bit flutes are engineered to clear away waste shavings quickly. While a twist drill bit might have to be withdrawn and cleaned several times in the course of drilling one hole, an auger often cuts the entire hole in one pass.

Common Material to Drill with Auger Bits.

Bosch Daredevil auger bits are great to drill holes through tough materials, both with or without nails. Our auger bits have 2 cutting edges resulting in less torque when hitting nails and a longer lasting bit life. The bits are used to their fullest potential when drilling tough wood with nails.

What are Daredevil Auger Bits Made From?

Bosch Daredevil auger bits are made from high-grade tool steel – capable of cutting through over 300 nails on one bit. The benefit of using high-grade tool steel is longer bit life and ease of use.

Tips and Tricks the Pros Know

  • Bosch Daredevil augers can be re-sharpened. A straight mill file can access both faces of the cutting edges, allowing it to be re-sharpened.
  • Always use a side assist handle – hold on with both hands
  • Don’t be off-balance when drilling – make sure you are stabilized
  • Rocking the bit side-to-side can help if progress stalls

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