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Asset Management System

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Bluehound Frequently Asked Questions

  • What key features are included in Bluehound?

      • Register tools, job boxes, vehicles, and more in Bluehound and actively manage them as stock
      • Create employees and assign work equipment and responsibility
      • Know when work equipment was last seen and which employees were responsible
      • Overview of inventory on the homepage
      • Check with an environmental scan that all assigned tools are available
      • The 'automatic driver reminder' feature reminds you of any work equipment that was forgotten on site
      • Borrow tools easily from colleagues or lend to colleagues
      • Manage defective or missing work equipment by pressing a button, so that all colleagues are informed
      • Build Invoice Reports

  • Can Bluehound only be used for Bosch Tools?

    • No, Bluehound is an open system. The Bluetooth® modules GCC 30-4 can be mounted on power tools, and all other work equipment from different manufacturers, registered as stock in the central cloud data storage and managed in the inventory management.

  • What do I need for the unrestricted use of Bosch Bluehound?

    • To fully use Bluehound you need:

      • Bluetooth® modules GCC 30-4 Professional
      • Bluehound contract through Bosch representative.
      • A PC with a current internet browser for the use of the web-based Bluehound software
      • A Bluetooth® low-energy enabled mobile device with iOS or Android operating systems

  • What is the range of the Bluetooth® signal?

    • Tests have shown that the Bluetooth® radius can be up to 100ft (30 meters), depending on the environment. The range depends on various factors such as the smartphone model or potential sources of interference in your current environment at the site and in the workshop.

  • Can the signal of the GCC 30-4 Professional be received by any mobile device?

    • The Bluetooth® signal of the GCC 30-4 Professional can only be received by smartphones with Bluehound Mobile application installed.

  • Does the mobile application show me how far away I am from the searched item?

    • Via Bluetooth®, we can use the signal strength (RSSI) to make a rough and relative assessment of the distance of individual Bluetooth® modules within the web or mobile app.