BHB120 12 V Max Battery Holster/Controller

12 V Max Battery Holster/Controller

Product Description


The BHB120 12 V Max battery holster/controller is the perfect companion for anyone on the go or who ever finds themselves running short on battery power for their cell phone or other personal electronics. Insert any Bosch 12 V Max battery and plug in a USB compatible personal electronic device (5 V/ 1 Amp Max output) for a quick backup power boost or charge. When you are on the go, use the all-metal belt clip to keep the BHB120 handy for your device charging.


  • BHB120 Battery Holster/Controller
BHB120 12 V Max Battery Holster/Controller

Technical Data


Material ABS
Model Number BHB120
Used on Model No. PSJ120S PSJ120M PSJ120L PSJ120XL PSJ120XXL PSJ1203XL
Includes BHB120 Battery Holster/Controller


  • 12 V Max power w/ DC and USB inputs - powers heated jacket and provides battery backup to cell phones and most other USB charging personal electronics (5 V/ 1 A Max output)
  • All-metal belt clip - store BHB120 in pocket or on belt when not in use with jacket
  • Compact design - takes up little space in jacket storage pocket or on belt
  • Compatible with Bosch 12 V Max batteries