GCY30-4 Connected Tool Module

Connected Tool Module

Product Description


Plug into next-gen tool control with the Bosch GCY30-4 Connected Tool Module. The module plugs in to a variety of Bosch connected-ready tools to enable Bluetooth® connectivity to the user’s mobile device. With the free-to-download and free-to-use Bosch Toolbox app, the user can customize tool settings, get statuses and alerts and manage inventory. Customize tool settings, such as soft-start rate or LED brightness. The app includes alerts for battery overload and tool overheating, to protect the life of the system. For inventory management, the app delivers information such as tool usage, hours of operation, warranty and registration status and battery charge feedback.


  • (1) Connectivity Tool Module
GCY30-4 Connected Tool Module

Technical Data


Height 0.5"
Length 1.2"
Material Plastic
Weight 0.22lb
Width 1.2"
Works With Bosch Connected Grinders
Includes (1) Connectivity Tool Module


  • Connected Tool Module design – provides easy, one-step plug-in operation to deliver power tool connectivity for setting customization, inventory control and status information
  • Bluetooth® connectivity – allows for easy linking to the user’s smartphone
  • Bosch Toolbox app – allows for tool customization, tool and battery statuses and inventory management
  • Next-gen customization – optimizes advanced electronic options such as soft-start rate, LED brightness or other settings, depending on the tool
  • Tool alerts – notifies the user if the tool is overheating or the battery is overloading, or if a feature such as KickBack Control is activated, depending on the tool
  • Battery status – delivers charge level information and provides low-battery alerts
  • Inventory information – feedback regarding tool usage, hours of operation, warranty and registration