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1/2 In. x 1-1/4 In. Solid Carbide 3-Flute Upcut Spiral Bit

Premium-quality micrograin solid carbide bit is precision ground for an extra-fine finish with maximum sharpness and edge retention. Upcut spiral is used for upward chip evacuation and the best finish on the bottom side of work piece. The shearing action yields an especially clean, accurate cut, while the augering action clears chips from the cut

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Technical Data

A. Overall Diameter 1/2"
B. Cutting Edge Length 1-1/4"
Bulk false
C. Shank Diameter 1/2"
D. Overall Length 3"
Description 1/2 In. x 1-1/4 In. Solid Carbide 3-Flute Upcut Spiral Bit
Flute Length 1.25
Number of Flutes 3.0
Overall Length 3.0


  • Ideal for penetrating hard-to-route materials under reduced spindle speeds or horsepower
  • Upcut yields superior chip removal and a smooth finish
  • Balanced cutting with minimal vibration
  • Solid carbide for durability
  • Recommended for CNC or router table use
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