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Vacuum Hose Adapter for 1-1/4 In. and 1-1/2 In. Hoses

Bosch power tool adapters help you create complete tool systems. Adapters provide means for extending hose length for reaching difficult areas. Use of adapter provide means for connecting attachments.

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Technical Data

Length 4.0"
Material Plastic
Weight 0.06lb
Works With Dust Extractor & Vacuum Cleaner Hoses
Common 1-1/4 In. and 1-1/2 In. hoses
Nozzles and Adapters for Dust Extractors & Vacuum Cleaners
VAC003, VAC004
Grinders and Grinder Attachments
1773AK, 1775E, 18SG-5E, 18SG-7, 18SG-7E, 19DC-7, 19DC-9, 1605510215, GA50DC, TG502
Hammers and Hammer Attachments
GA50DC, GA50UC, GDE18V-16, HDC100, HDC200, HDC250, HDC300, HDC400, TG502, 11221DVS, 1618190006, 1618190009
Planers and Planer Attachments
PL1682, PL1632, PL2632, PLH181,1594, 3365, 53514, 53518
Routers and Router Attachments
PR007, PR012, RA1054, RA1170, RA1172AT, RA1173AT, RA1175, RA1176AT, RA1177AT, 2608190038, 2608190039
Sanders and Sander Attachments
RS006, ROS10, ROS20VS, ROS65VC, 1250DEVS, 1274DVS, 1275DVS,1276D,1276DVS, 1294VS, 1278VS, 1370EVS
Saws and Saw Attachments
CM10GD, CM8S, CSDCHUTE, FS2000, JA1005
Many but not all other tools and attachments that are compatible with 35 mm hoses
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