GPL 2 R 2-Point Self-Leveling Plumb Laser

2-Point Self-Leveling Plumb Laser

Product Description


The Bosch GPL 2 R Two-Point Self-Leveling Plumb Laser provides users with ease-of-use by design. With its plumb point projection, users can project points from floor to ceiling. Thanks to a versatile design, the GPL 2 R can be used for over-the-track applications. The multi-mounting system on the tool offers different attachment options with magnets, strap or threaded mounts. The GPL 2 R features the smart pendulum system that not only self-levels and indicates out of level conditions but locks the pendulum in place when turned off.


  • 1) -- Multipurpose Attachment
  • (1) -- Recalibration Wrench
  • (3) -- AA 1.5V Batteries
  • (1) -- Mounting Strap
  • (1) - Belt Pouch
GPL 2 R 2-Point Self-Leveling Plumb Laser

Technical Data


Accuracy Up to ±1/4-in @ 100-ft
Battery Voltage (V) 1.5
Dimensions 4.1" x 3.1" x 1.6"
Laser Diode Class II, 635-670 nm
Leveling Type Self-Leveling, Up to 5°
Material Plastic
Mount Threading 1/4-20
Operating Temperature 32° F / 0° C ~ 104° F / 40* C
Range Up to 100-ft.
Weight 0.9lb
Includes 1) -- Multipurpose Attachment, (1) -- Recalibration Wrench, (3) -- AA 1.5V Batteries, (1) -- Mounting Strap, (1) - Belt Pouch


  • Plumb point projection - accurately transfers point from floor to ceiling
  • Over-the-track application design - accurately transfer and align points by magnetically mounting to any surface
  • Smart pendulum system - self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition; locks when switched off
  • Multi-purpose attachment - position and mount with magnets, strap or threaded mount