GOL 26 Automatic Optical Level

GOL 26
Automatic Optical Level

Product Description


Enhance the precision, ease and efficiency of your work. Bosch measuring and layout tool product categories include distance and angle measuring, laser layout/leveling, and thru-wall detection.


  • Plumb Bob
GOL 26 Automatic Optical Level

Technical Data


Accuracy Up to ±1/16-in @ 100-ft
Length 8.5"
Leveling Type Magnetically Dampened Compensator
Material Metal, Plastic
Range Up to 330-ft.
Weight 3.7lb
Width 5.0"
Includes Plumb Bob


  • Large aperture 26x-power lens - allows more light for a sharper image and excellent magnification
  • Self-leveling compensator with transport lock - protects pendulum in carrying case against damage and loss of calibration
  • Both horizontal/vertical crosshairs and stadia lines - measures level, alignment and estimates distance
  • Magnetic dampening system - quickly settles the system and reduces the effects of job site vibration
  • Large Aperture - Allows more light for a sharper image
  • 26x-Power Lens for excellent magnification
  • Circular Bubble Vial with 90-Degree Mirror for easy and fast set-up