VX100 Anti-Static Bend Nozzle

Anti-Static Bend Nozzle

Product Description


Anti-static bend nozzle. Clicks onto Bosch VH series hoses and friction fits Bosch PowerGrip adapter (VX120). Made from rugged plastic and comes as a standard item with all Bosch VAC series dust.


  • (1) VX100
VX100 Anti-Static Bend Nozzle

Technical Data


Material Plastic
Used on Part No. COMPATIBLE WITH VH1022 9.85 Ft., 22 mm Diameter Hose, VH1622A 16.4 Ft., 22 mm Diameter Anti-static Hose, VH1035 9.85 Ft., 35 mm Diameter Hose, VH1635 16.4 Ft., 35 mm Diameter Hose, VH1635A 16.4 Ft., 35 mm Diameter Anti-static Hose, Most 35 mm and 1-1/2 In. wands or extension tubes, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Bosch VAC001, VAC005, VAC006. VAC007, VAC008, VAC009, VAC010 and VAC025 hoses
Includes (1) VX100


  • Fits 35 mm wands, hoses and most 1-1/2 In. wands and hoses
  • Nozzle clicks directly onto Bosch VH-series hoses VH1022, VH1035, VH1622A, VA1635, VH1635A
  • Standard item with Bosch VAC series dust extractors
  • Made in Italy