GLM 30 100 Ft. Laser Measure

GLM 30
100 Ft. Laser Measure

Product Description


The Bosch GLM 30 Laser Measure allows users to take distance measurements instantly and with ultimate precision. Simply press the measure button to activate the laser and begin measuring in real time. Put down the pad of paper and calculator as the laser measure calculates area, volume and indirect measurements. Backlighting allows user to see information in dark areas with better resolution. The GLM 30 measures to 100 feet.


  • ID Tag, Manual, 2 x AAA batteries
GLM 30 100 Ft. Laser Measure

Technical Data


Accuracy +/- 1/16-in.
Battery 2 AAA Batteries
Measuring Accuracy Typ. +/-1/16-in (1.5 mm)
Range Up to 100-ft.
Weight 0.22lb
Includes ID Tag, Manual, 2 x AAA batteries


  • Laser measure functions include area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement, addition and subtraction
  • Measurement automatically adjusts closer to or farther from target with +/-1/16 In. accuracy
  • Backlight for increased visibility in low-light conditions
  • Pocket size for easy access anywhere
  • Designed for interior use
  • Includes: GLM 30 laser measurer, ID tag and (2) AAA batteries
  • Register your laser distance measurer with Bosch for 1 additional year of warranty