IMSDC002 2 pc. High-Speed Steel Impact Tough™ Turbo Step Drill Bit Set

2 pc. High-Speed Steel Impact Tough™ Turbo Step Drill Bit Set

Product Description


Bosch Turbo Step Drill Bits deliver extreme performance in metal in both high- and low-speed mode. These Impact Tough™ bits feature a hex shank and are optimized for impact drivers; the bits are drill/driver compatible. The bits provide faster cutting, with 2X cutting edges for increased drilling speed. The high-speed design, sharp cutting edges, and the premium heat management deliver enhanced bit life as well as premium hole quality. There is a wide range of hole sizes featured in this set. The two optimized cutting edges on the bit steps provide clean holes and up to 2X more holes per battery charge. They are made with a balanced double flute that helps to eliminate chatter and vibration. These bits are ideal for electrical, plumbing and HVAC contractors. They are made for electrical knockouts, running conduit, faucet installations and more, in materials up to 1/8 In. The bits work in materials such as sheet metal, ducts, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, plastic, vinyl siding, plasterboard, PVC, stainless steel and cast iron.

IMSDC002 2 pc. High-Speed Steel Impact Tough™ Turbo Step Drill Bit Set

Technical Data



  • Cordless step drill bit design – made for smooth drilling in cordless drills using high-speed and low-speed mode
  • Hex shank impact-ready step drill bit – optimized for impact drivers, and the bits are drill/driver compatible
  • 2X cutting edges – provides 2X faster cutting through tough material, with two sharp edges
  • 2X longer life and clean holes – designed for burr-free holes, these bits help manage heat for longer bit life
  • 2X holes per charge – features efficient operation to boost user productivity
  • Wide range of hole sizes featured in set – designed for various hole diameters, for many common applications, various sizes of conduit and even knockout holes
  • Balanced double flute – helps to eliminates chatter and vibration
  • Swiss made – Swiss engineered and manufactured step bits offering premium quality and performance