TG502 5 In. Tuckpointing Replacement Guard

5 In. Tuckpointing Replacement Guard

Product Description


The Bosch TG502 is the new tuckpointing guard for all AG and GWS 4 1/2 In. /5 In. /6 In. series grinders (excluding GWS8-45, GWS9-45, and GWS18 V-45). Its tool free installation makes it quick and easy to install and remove. The variable depth adjustment allows the guard to collect dust throughout the duration of the cut, from the initial plunge until the blade is removed from the material. The large viewing window makes it easy to see the line of cut when in operation. The dust extraction port ensures a cleaner work piece and job site when used with a vacuum.


  • (1) Replacement Guard
TG502 5 In. Tuckpointing Replacement Guard

Technical Data


Description 5" Tuckpoint Attachment
Material Metal
Size 5 In.
Wheel Diameter 5"
Works With 1800 Series 4-1/2", 5" & 6" Grinders
1800, 1801, 1803EVS, 1806E, 1810PS, 1810PSD, 1811PS, 1811PSD, 1812PSD, 1821, 1821D, 1824E, 1824ED
AG-Series 4-1/2", 5" & 6" Grinders
AG40-85, AG40-85P, AG40-85PD, AG40-11P, AG40-11PD, AG50-10, AG50-11VS, AG50-11VSPD, AG60-125, AG60-125PD
GWS10-45-Series 4-1/2" Grinders
GWS10-45, GWS10-45P, GWS10-45PD (NOT COMPATIBLE with GWS10-45E, GWS10-45DE, GWS10-45PE models)
GWS13-Series 5" & 6" Grinders
GWS13-50, GWS13-50P, GWS13-50PD, GWS13-50VS, GWS13-50VSP, GWS13-50VSP-DG, GWS13-60, GWS13-60PD
GWS18V-Series Grinders
GWS18V-45C, GWS18V-45PC, GWS18V-45PSC (NOT COMPATIBLE with GWS18V-45 and GWS18V-50 models)
Other 4-1/2" & 5" Grinders
NOT COMPATIBLE with 1375A, 1380Slim, GWS8-45 and GWS9-45
Anti-Static Vacuum Hoses
VH1635A (by means of anti-static adapter included with that hose), VAC008, and most other 35 mm anti-static hoses
Other Vacuum Hoses
VH1035 and VH1635 (by means of VX120 adapter included with those hoses, VAC005 and VAC006, and most other 35 mm hoses
Adapter for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Hoses
VAC002 or VAC024
Adapter for 2-1/2" Hoses
Includes (1) Replacement Guard


  • Toolless mounting guard allows for quick and easy installation and removal
  • Variable depth adjustment allows the guard to be set to a selected depth while collecting dust throughout the duration of the cut, from the plunge all the way to the removal of the blade from the work piece
  • Large viewing window provides the ability to better view the work area for more control and accuracy
  • Dust extraction port results in a cleaner jobsite