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14 In. 3/32 In. 1 In. Arbor Type 1A (ISO 41) 36 Grit Metal Stud/Stainless Cutting Bonded Abrasive Wheel

Bosch premium-grade wheels are constructed of high-quality material for metal, concrete, masonry, pipeline, asphalt and stainless steel cutting. Easy-to-read labels are incorporated into the manufacturing process and therefore remain intact throughout the life of the wheel. Carefully formulated resinoid bonds are applied to meet the unique specifications of each wheel and multiple layers of long, stranded fiberglass are woven to form an exceptionally strong reinforcement layer specific to the application. This accessories line is the perfect match for Bosch's trusted grinder lineup and applications include polishing, debris removal and dust extraction.

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Technical Data

Application Metal stud / stainless cutting
Arbor 1"
Blade Thickness 0.09375"
Bulk false
Diameter 14" x 3/32"
Grit 36 grit, aluminum oxide grain
Material Aluminum oxide grain
Max. RPM 4,400
Tool Cut-off machines
Wheel Diameter 14" x 3/32"


  • Designed for use with cutoff machines
  • Type 1A straight wheel for cutting
  • Used at a 90-degree angle
  • Use for metal stud and stainless cutting
  • Designed for cutting only, no grinding
  • Aluminum oxide grain cuts high-tensile strength materials without excessive fracturing
  • Not to exceed 4,400 RPM
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