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Large Case for Custom Case System (Case Only)

The Bosch Custom Case System works with Impact Tough™ Bits, providing the best case for the best bits. The durable, well-designed case houses clips that allow bits to tilt-in/tilt-out. This makes it convenient and easy to access to the bits. The clips snap in/snap out of the case for easy access to carry only the bits needed. This customizable organization system helps user increase productivity by reducing time searching for the right bit.

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Technical Data

Description Double-sided large case
Number of Clip Locks 8
Pieces 1.0
Weight 2.6lb
Includes Large Case Only


  • Tilt-in/tilt-out case mechanism – allows easier access to bits
  • Customized storage configuration – provides efficiency, so the right bit is always at hand
  • Durable case – features a secure case latch and rubber bumpers
  • Impact Tough™ design – both driver bits and drill bits are impact rated and provide longer bit life than standard impact bits (not included)
  • Driver bit Xtended Torsion Zone – helps to absorb high-torque of new impact drivers (not included)
  • Precision-engineered bit tips – deliver a tighter fit and less cam-out (not included)
  • Black oxide coating on drill bits – provides lower fiction, along with less heat for long life (not included)

Other sizes



Clear storage box clips inside Custom Case System cases for safe storage of loose items or can be used as a stand alone storage container


Single-sided medium case with clear front

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