WC18H 18 V Wireless Charging Mobile Tool Holster

18 V Wireless Charging Mobile Tool Holster

Product Description


Tap into the confidence and flexibility of Bosch wireless charging. Create your optimal charging set up – in between tasks, where you store it, or even as you drive between jobs with the WC18H mobile holster. Be power ready, anytime, anywhere. The WC18H holster is compatible with Bosch 18 V drill/drivers, hammer drill/drivers and impact drivers for maximum flexibility. The durable construction is perfect for the rough and tumble vehicle storage environment and the multiple mounting options - vertically or horizontally against a side wall or on a shelf, to offer maximum flexibility.


  • WC18H
  • Installation hardware
  • Custom tool lock-in inserts
WC18H 18 V Wireless Charging Mobile Tool Holster

Technical Data


Battery Voltage (V) 18
Description 18V Wireless Charging Mobile Tool Holster
Used on Model No. WCBAT612, WCBAT620, WC18C, DDS181, DDS182, HDS182, HDS182, DDH181X, HDH181X, IDH182, IWBH182, 25618, 24618
Weight 4.0lb
Includes WC18H, Installation hardware, Custom tool lock-in inserts


  • Power ready anytime, anywhere; conveniently charge Bosch 18 V wireless charging batteries while traveling between jobs
  • Easy access customizable charging and storage holster mounts to any shelf or sidewall vertically or horizontally
  • Custom tool lock in feature compatible with Bosch drill/driver models DDS182, HDS182, DDS181, HDH181X and DDH181X and impact driver and wrench models IDH182, 25618, IWBH182 and 24618
  • Durable and lightweight design made from blow mold construction perfect for rough and tumble vehicle storage areas
  • Slim and FatPack compatible with an adjustable tray to accommodate both sizes