VX120 Power Tool Hose Adapter

Power Tool Hose Adapter

Product Description


Power tool hose adapter connects to the hose with the Bosch quick click system. The rubber nozzle is sized to be used for a friction fit on nearly all Bosch dust collection attachments. The power tool hose adapter has a slider that is used to regulate air flow for optimal dust collection, specifically for applications like sanding that may require lower suction to prevent the tool from sticking to the work piece.


  • (1) VX120
VX120 Power Tool Hose Adapter

Technical Data


Length 5.125"
Material Composite
Used on Model No. VH1022 9.85 Ft., 22 mm Diameter Hose, VH1035 9.85 Ft., 35 mm Diameter Hose, VH1622A 16.4 Ft., 22 mm Diameter Anti-static Hose, VH1635 16.4 Ft., 35 mm Diameter Hose, VH1635A 16.4 Ft., 35 mm Diameter Anti-static Hose, Bosch Tools and Attachments - 1250DEVS, 1274DVS, 1275DVS, 1276D, 1276DVS, 1278DVS, 1294VS, 11221DVS, 1370EVS, GSS20-40, OS50VC, ROS10, ROS20VS, ROS65VC, 1618190006, 1618190009, 2610014502, JA1005, JA1007, JA1009, JS1012, OSC002, OSC003, OSC005, RS006, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH Bosch VAC001, VAC005, VAC006. VAC007, VAC008, VAC009, VAC010 and VAC025 hoses
Weight 0.2lb
Includes (1) VX120


  • Rubber-nozzle tool end sized for friction fit with the hose ports on most Bosch tools and attachments designed for dust extraction
  • Air regulating slider - controls the amount of air flow entering the nozzle for applications that require reduced airflow
  • Quick click feature to securely attach the adapter to the hose
  • Nozzle fits comfortable in your grip