VAC003 Vacuum Hose Adapter

Vacuum Hose Adapter

Product Description


Bosch power tool attachments help you create complete tool systems. Each expands the use of your power tools. The VAC003 connects 35 mm hoses to tools that have ports for 1-1/4 In. hoses.


  • VAC003
VAC003 Vacuum Hose Adapter

Technical Data


Length 2.5"
Material Plastic
Used on Model No. Dust Extractor and Vacuum Cleaner Hoses VAC005, VAC006, VAC008, VH1022, VH1035, VH1622, VH1635, VH1635A, VX120 (Included with all Bosch VH-Series Hoses), Nozzles and Adapters for Dust Extractors & Vacuum Cleaners VAC020 and VX120, Saws and Saw Attachments 3912, 3915, 4412, Other Power Tools Tools and attachments that have ports sized for 1-1/4 In. hoses
Weight 0.5lb
Includes VAC003


  • Expands the use of your power tools
  • Connects 35 mm hoses to tools that have ports for 1-1/4 In. hoses
  • Used on Bosch part numbers VAC005, VAC006, VAC007, VAC008, VAC021
  • Used on Bosch models: 3912, 3915, 4412