JA1009 Dust Extraction Kit for JS365 Jig Saw

Dust Extraction Kit for JS365 Jig Saw

Product Description


This item makes it easier to keep your workplace clean. Easier connects to 1-1/4 In., 1-1/2 In. and Bosch vacuum cleaner hoses. Only for use with JS365 jig saw.


  • 1619P07166 Clear Dust Hood
  • 2605730055 Dust Tube
  • Vacuum Hose Adapter VAC024
JA1009 Dust Extraction Kit for JS365 Jig Saw

Technical Data


Used on Part No. VAC005, VAC006, VAC007, VAC008, VAC009, VAC010, VAC021, VAC024, VAC025, VH1635, VH1635A, VH1622A, VH1035, VH1022, VX120, VAC090S, VAC090A, VAC140S, VAC140A
Works With Corded Jig Saws
Vacuum Hoses
VH1022, VH1035, VH1622, VH1635, VH1635A (by means of VX120 adapter included with those hoses), VAC005, VAC006, VAC008, and most other 35 mm and 22 mm hoses
Vacuum Hose Adapter for 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" Hoses
VAC024 only (incompatible with VAC002)
Includes 1619P07166 Clear Dust Hood, 2605730055 Dust Tube, Vacuum Hose Adapter VAC024


  • Allows dust extraction and collection with Bosch JS365 jig saw
  • Includes clear dust hood, tube and VAC024 vacuum hose adapter
  • Connects directly to Bosch vacuum cleaner hoses
  • Connects to 1-1/4 In. and 1-1/2 In. vacuum cleaner hoses when VAC024 adapter is used