Templet Guide Adapter

Model: RA1126
Quick-change Router Templet Guide Adapter


Mounting Screws

Benefits: RA1126 Templet Guide Adapter
  • Required for mounting RA-series templet guides to Bosch routers
  • Lever action for fast and easy guide changes
  • Sold individually
  • 1 piece
Specifications: RA1126 Templet Guide Adapter
Model NumberRA1126
Used on Model No.1613AEVS, 1617/EVS, 1618/EVS, 1619EVS, MRC23EVSK, MRF23EVS, MRP23EVS

Mounting Screws

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Support: RA1126 Templet Guide Adapter
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RA1126 Templet Guide Adapter


RA1126 Templet Guide Adapter