Screwdriver Insert Bit

Model: ITP225
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Impact Tough™ bits are designed to withstand the high torque associated with today's more powerful impact drivers. Forged tips create a stronger and more flexible torsion zone reducing breakage and extending bit life.
Benefits: ITP225 Screwdriver Insert Bit
  • Engineered for high torque applications
  • Forged tip reduces breakage
  • Torsion zone absorbs torque peaks reducing stress at the tip
  • Hardened core increases bit strength, reduces fracture
  • Can handle torque generated from today's high powered impact drivers
Specifications: ITP225 Screwdriver Insert Bit
Overall Length1"
HardnessImpact Tough™
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Item #ReviewsPointOverall LengthShankHardness 
ITR225R21"1/4"Impact Tough™

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