4 Piece Bearing Enlarger Set

Model: BE400
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Bearing enlargers are useful for changing profiles, widths, and rabbeting depths of ball bearing-piloted router bits. Additional profiles expand the usefulness and versatility of bits for mortising, spiral cuts and edging in wood and other materials. For use with Bosch bearing enlargers with 3/16 In. outside diameter pilots.
Benefits: BE400 4 Piece Bearing Enlarger Set
  • Contains one each of 3/4 In., 7/8 In., 1 In., and 1-1/8 In. outside diameter sizes
  • Use with Bosch router bits with 3/16 In. bearing pilots
  • Bearing enlargers allow multiple profiles, widths and rabbeting depths
  • Adds versatility and flexibility in routing applications
Specifications: BE400 4 Piece Bearing Enlarger Set
Number of Pieces4
Includes(1) BE006, (1) BE007, (1) BE008, (1) BE009

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Bearing Enlarger Set


Bearing Enlarger Set