3 Piece Non-Marring Bearing Set

Model: NMB300
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Non-marring bearings utilize a sleeve on the outside diameter to protect finishes edges when routing. 5/8" O.D. bearings may be used on any Bosch bit with 1/4" bearing pilots. Excellent for use with laminate trim and edge-forming profiles.
Benefits: NMB300 3 Piece Non-Marring Bearing Set
  • Non-marring high precision bearings
  • Fitted sleeves to prevent damage to work piece
  • For use with piloted router bits
  • Excellent with laminate trim and edge forming profiles
  • Helps protect finished surfaces from damage
Specifications: NMB300 3 Piece Non-Marring Bearing Set
Number of Pieces3
Includes(1) NMB004, (1) NMB005, (1) NMB006

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Non-Marring Bearing Set


Non-Marring Bearing Set