12 pieces 52 Dia. x 1-7/8 In. Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits

Model: BL4052
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The Bosch line of metal drill bits offers a solution for every professional application. Each bit is manufactured to exacting specifications and features a split point that starts on contact with no walking or skating, eliminating the need for a center punch. Bosch black oxide bits offer superior durability, speed and selection to support most general-purpose applications.
Benefits: BL4052 12 pieces 52 Dia. x 1-7/8 In. Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits
  • Speed helix design for three times faster drilling than standard bits
  • Last 50% longer than high-speed steel
  • Easier drilling, reduced heat and extended drill bit life
  • Available in jobber length, stubby length, extended length (aircraft), 1/2 In. reduced shank (Silver and Deming)
  • For use in steel, copper, aluminum, brass, oak, maple, MDF, pine, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, ABS, nylon and composite materials
Specifications: BL4052 12 pieces 52 Dia. x 1-7/8 In. Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits
Shank Diameter0.0635"
Overall Length1-7/8"
Quantity12 (bulk)
*Note31-60: 118° point; 1-30: 135° point
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Item #ReviewsShank DiameterDiameterOverall LengthQuantity 
BL40060.2040"63-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40070.2010"73-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40090.1960"93-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40100.1935"103-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40110.1910"113-1/2"12 (bulk)
BL40120.1890"123-1/2"12 (bulk)
BL40140.1820"143-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40160.1770"163-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40170.1730"173-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40180.1695"183-1/4"12 (bulk)
BL40190.1660"193-1/4"12 (bulk)
BL40200.1610"203-1/4"12 (bulk)
BL40220.1570"223-1/8"12 (bulk)
BL40230.1540"233-1/8"12 (bulk)
BL40250.1495"253"12 (bulk)
BL40270.1440"273"12 (bulk)
BL40280.1405"282-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40300.1285"302-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40310.1200"312-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40320.1160"322-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40330.1130"332-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40340.1110"342-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40350.1100"352-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40360.1065"362-1/2"12 (bulk)
BL40370.1040"372-1/2"12 (bulk)
BL40380.1015"382-1/2"12 (bulk)
BL40390.0995"392-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40400.0980"402-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40410.0960"412-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40420.0935"422-1/4"12 (bulk)
BL40430.0890"432-1/4"12 (bulk)
BL40440.0860"442-1/8"12 (bulk)
BL40450.0820"452-1/8"12 (bulk)
BL40460.0810"462-1/8"12 (bulk)
BL40470.0785"472"12 (bulk)
BL40480.0760"482"12 (bulk)
BL40490.0730"492"12 (bulk)
BL40500.0700"502"12 (bulk)
BL40510.0670"512"12 (bulk)
BL40530.0595"531-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40540.0550"541-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40550.0520"551-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40560.0465"561-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40570.0430"571-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40580.0420"581-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40590.0410"591-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40010.2280"13-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40020.2210"23-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40030.2130"33-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40040.2090"43-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40050.2055"53-3/4"12 (bulk)
BL40080.1990"83-5/8"12 (bulk)
BL40130.1850"133-1/2"12 (bulk)
BL40150.1800"153-3/8"12 (bulk)
BL40210.1590"213-1/4"12 (bulk)
BL40260.1470"263"12 (bulk)
BL40290.1360"292-7/8"12 (bulk)
BL40600.0400"601-5/8"12 (bulk)

Reviews: BL4052 12 pieces 52 Dia. x 1-7/8 In. Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits

Support: BL4052 12 pieces 52 Dia. x 1-7/8 In. Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits
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Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits (Bulk)


Wire Gauge Black Oxide Drill Bits (Bulk)