1 In. MultiConstruction™ Hole Saw

Model: HTC100
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High-speed steel cobalt and carbide pilot bits match application needs. Quick Change™ universal hole saw system allows change to any size or type of hole saw in seconds. Cuts multiple, stacked materials including wood, masonry, metal and fiber cement.
Benefits: HTC100 1 In. MultiConstruction™ Hole Saw
  • Diamond-ground carbide teeth cut fast in wood and a variety of other materials
  • Drop-shaped chip clearance slots aide drilling speed
  • Integral Quick Change™ system mandrels offer fast hole saw changes
  • Easy plug removal
Specifications: HTC100 1 In. MultiConstruction™ Hole Saw
Cutting Depth2-1/4"
Quick Change AdapterIncluded
*NoteMultiConstruction™ hole saws are only compatible with the Quick Change™ mandrels listed
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Item #ReviewsDiameterCutting DepthQuick Change AdapterMandrel 
HTC2122-1/8"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC2252-1/4"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC2372-3/8"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC2562-9/16"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC2682-11/16"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC2752-3/4"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC3003"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC3123-1/8"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC3253-1/4"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC3503-1/2"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC3753-3/4"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC4004"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC4124-1/8"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC1181-3/16"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC1371-3/8"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC1561-9/16"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC1751-3/4"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC1871-7/8"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL
HTC2002"2-1/4"IncludedPCM38, PCM12, PCMSDSPL

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