3/8 In. Carbide Tipped Keyhole Bit

Model: 85608M
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Premium-quality micrograin carbide tips are ground on specialized CNC equipment for an extra-fine finish with maximum sharpness and edge retention. Keyhole bit is used for cutting keyhole slots in plaques, picture frames and other wall hanging items. The fully hardened and tempered steel shank provides ultimate durability.
Benefits: 85608M 3/8 In. Carbide Tipped Keyhole Bit
  • Used for routing mounting slots in picture frames, plaques and other wall decorations
  • Control cut design helps minimize kickback
  • Wide and narrow flute design requires lower feed rates to prevent breakage
  • Micrograin carbide tips provide superior wear resistance and long life
  • Plunge tip design
Specifications: 85608M 3/8 In. Carbide Tipped Keyhole Bit
A1. Large Diameter3/8"
A2. Small Diameter3/16"
B. Cutting Edge Length7/16"
C. Shank Diameter1/4"
D. Overall Length1-9/16"
*NoteCarbide tipped bit
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Item #ReviewsA1. Large DiameterA2. Small DiameterB. Cutting Edge LengthC. Shank Diameter 

Reviews: 85608M 3/8 In. Carbide Tipped Keyhole Bit

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