6 In. Extra Hard Drive Guide

Model: CC60493
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Fully hardened and tempered for extended bit life under constant heavy-duty use. The tip is precision formed for proper use. Use when driving heat-treated or case-hardened screws such as sheet metal, self-tapping or self-drilling.
Benefits: CC60493 6 In. Extra Hard Drive Guide
  • Change bits without re-chucking
  • Fits all 3/8 In. and 1/2 In. drills
  • Guides bit while driving
  • Makes screwdriving easier in hard to reach places
Specifications: CC60493 6 In. Extra Hard Drive Guide
DescriptionDrive guide
Overall Length6"
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Item #ReviewsDescriptionOverall Length 
CC60491Compact drive guide3-1/4"
CC60483One-piece construction magnetic bit holder (without c-ring retainer)2-7/8"
CC604822" magnetic bit tip holder2"
CC604866" magnetic bit tip holder6"

Reviews: CC60493 6 In. Extra Hard Drive Guide

Support: CC60493 6 In. Extra Hard Drive Guide
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