Assorted Grits 3 In. x 18 In. Sanding Belts

Model: SB3R000
Actual Product may vary from the item shown
3 piece assortment includes 60, 80, and 120 grit belts for general-purpose sanding applications. One piece for each grit. Anti-static backing for highest removal and consistent finish.
Benefits: SB3R000 Assorted Grits 3 In. x 18 In. Sanding Belts
  • Open-coat, resin-bonded aluminum oxide abrasive provides long life and fast material removal on wood and other surfaces
  • Butt-splice construction for smooth running in both directions on portable belt sanders
  • Assorted grit
  • 3 pieces
Specifications: SB3R000 Assorted Grits 3 In. x 18 In. Sanding Belts
Size3" x 18"
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Item #ReviewsSizeGritQuantity 
SB6R0414" x 24"4010
SB6R0404" x 24"403
SB5R1213" x 24"12010
SB6R0804" x 24"803
SB6R0614" x 24"6010
SB6R0604" x 24"603
SB5R0813" x 24"8010
SB5R0803" x 24"803
SB5R0613" x 24"6010
SB5R1203" x 24"1203
SB5R1013" x 24"10010
SB5R1003" x 24"1003
SB6R0814" x 24"8010
SCBR0811-1/2" X 12"8010
SCBR0611-1/2" X 12"6010
SCBR0411-1/2" X 12"4010
SCBR2401-1/2" X 12"2403
SCBR1801-1/2" X 12"1803
SCBR1211-1/2" X 12"12010
SB6R1204" x 24"1203
SB6R1014" x 24"10010
SB6R1004" x 24"1003
SCBR0401-1/2" X 12"403
SCBR0001-1/2" X 12"Assorted3
SB6R1214" x 24"12010
SB5R0603" x 24"603
SB3R1013" x 18"10010
SB3R1003" x 18"1003
SB3R0813" x 18"8010
SB4R0003" x 21"Assorted3
SB3R1213" x 18"12010
SB3R1203" x 18"1203
SB3R0413" x 18"4010
SB3R0403" x 18"403
SB3R0803" x 18"803
SB3R0613" x 18"6010
SB3R0603" x 18"603
SB4R0403" x 21"403
SB4R1213" x 21"12010
SB4R1203" x 21"1203
SB4R1013" x 21"10010
SB5R0413" x 24"4010
SB5R0403" x 24"403
SB5R0003" x 24"Assorted3
SB4R0613" x 21"6010
SB4R0603" x 21"603
SB4R0413" x 21"4010
SB4R1003" x 21"1003
SB4R0813" x 21"8010
SB4R0803" x 21"803

Reviews: SB3R000 Assorted Grits 3 In. x 18 In. Sanding Belts

Support: SB3R000 Assorted Grits 3 In. x 18 In. Sanding Belts
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