Anti-Static 35mm 5-Meter (16.4 ft.) Airsweep™ Locking Hose

Model: VAC008



Connects many Bosch power tools and dust extraction accessories to Bosch 3931 Vacuum Cleaner
Swivels at tool-end of hose
For use ONLY with Bosch 3931 and 3931A Vacuum Cleaners. (Not compatible with other vacuum cleaners.)
Now with hard rubber-like, snug-fit swivel end.
Now fits over tool ports for 19mm hoses as well as into tool ports for 35mm hoses.
Used on Model No.: – ROS10, ROS20VS, 11221DVS, 1250DEVS, 1274DVS, 1275DVS, 1276D, 1276DVS, 1278DVS, 1294VS, 1370EVS, 1594, 1773A, 1775E, 3365, 3931, 3931A, 53514, 53518
Used on Part No.: – CSDCHUTE, JA1005, PR007, RA1054, RA1170, RA1172AT, RA1173AT, RS006, VAC003, VAC004, VAC011, VAC015, VAC016, VAC017, VAC018, VAC020, 1605510215, 1618190006, 1618190009, 2605702022, 2608190038, 2608190039


Used on Model No.3931-Series Vacuum Cleaners, PL1682, JS470E, JS470EB
Used on Model No.ROS65VC

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