35mm 5-Meter (16.4 ft.) Airsweep™ Hose

Model: VAC005



Connects hood accessories to vacuum cleaners with standard 2-1/4 In. opening
Standard 2-1/4 friction fit
Swivel nozzle
Long and flexible to reach difficult areas


Used on Model No.3931-Series Vacuum Cleaners, PL1682, JS470E, JS470EB
Used on Model No.Used on Model No. ROS10, ROS20VS, 11221DVS, 1250DEVS, 1274DVS, 1275DVS, 1276D, 1276DVS, 1278DVS, 1294VS, 1370EVS, 1594, 1773A, 1775E, 3365, 3931, 3931A, 53514, 53518
Used on Model No.Used on Part No. CSDCHUTE, JA1005, PR007, RA1054, RA1170, RA1172AT, RA1173AT, RS006, VAC003, VAC004, VAC011, VAC015, VAC016, VAC017, VAC018, VAC020, 1605510215, 1618190006, 1618190009, 2605702022, 2608190038, 2608190039

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