5/8" OD Bosch Router Templet Guide

Model: RA1113



Outer Diameter = 5/8"
Inner Diameter = 17/32"
Protrusion Below Subbase = Approximately 1/2"
Primary Application: Mortising for 1/4" Radius Hinge
The cut diameter of router bit used with the templet guide must be at least 1/16" less than templet guide's inner diameter
For use with Bosch RA1126 Templet Guide Adapter (which is used with newer Bosch router models), 1613EVS and 1614EVS routers, and/or Subbase PR009 for Palm Routers


Used on Model No.Bosch models: 1613-, 1614-, 1617-, 1618-, 1619- PR10/20E- and MR23EVS-Series Routers

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