Dust Extraction Kit

Model: OSC002



Minimizes the regrinding of sanding dust for greater sanding efficiency
Makes it easier to keep your workplace clean
Only for use when sanding; cannot be used with cutting, grinding or scraping accessories and applications
Compatible with 1-1/4 In., 1-1/2 In. and Bosch vacuum cleaner hoses hoses for easy connection to most vac hoses
Only for use with Bosch MX25E and PS50 Multi-X™ Oscillating Tool


Used on Model No.MX25E, VAC005 though VAC010, VAC024, VAC025, VH1635, VH1635A, VH1622A, VH1035, VH1022, VX120, VAC090S, VAC140S, VAC140A, VAC090A

(1) Dust Tube - 2609199192

(3) Felt Seal Rings - 2609170106

VAC024 Vacuum Hose Adapter

1 Attachment Clip