BH2770VCD 120V 1-1/8 Hex Brute Turbo - Deluxe kit

Model: BH2770VCD



Best in class impact energy - 43.0 ft lbs (e.p.t.a.) provides maximum concrete removal for maximum productivity
Best in class anti-vibration system-active vibration control in the hammer mechanism for improved comfort in all day demolition applications
Anti slip rubber cover-helps prevent tool from accidental fall over
Ergonomic handle design-ergonomic design for improved comfort when handling the tool in all day applications
Shock absorbing handles-further reduces vibration levels to the operator
Hammer tube design-hammer tube flutes help dissipate heat, extending tool life
Reinforced hammer tube collar / springs-maximizes tool holder lifetime by reducing the hammer's impact from blank beats
The plug-in anywhere hammer — does not need a compressor
Total portability-operates on 115 / 120 V AC/DC
Service Minder™ brush system — shuts the Brute™ off when brush replacement, lubrication or preventative maintenance is needed
Deluxe hammer cart-cart doubles as a hammer hauler and a hand truck, truck rails allow cart to be easily raised or lowered from a truck, solid foam tires provide jobsite maneuverability without risk of flats and grommets prevent chisels from falling out


No Load BPM1,000
Rating120 V

Deluxe Hammer Cart

Two Star Point chisels

Two narrow chisels